Tod (Leto)

Tod and Dawn talk on the 'chatbox'.

Maffy: Well well well
FoxVenom: Yeah.
Maffy: omg ur name
FoxVenom: Oh my god your fucking ‘chat speak’. What name did you expect me to have?
Maffy: vampiro
FoxVenom: That was a joke for the city.
Maffy: lol. anyway.
Maffy: I can’t believe you thought Charlie would leave me
Maffy: U thought he’d just live with u? Over there outside. Wtf. I hate u so much
Maffy: I am hurt
FoxVenom: Dawn, you can’t claim to be completely unaware of what happened to Danny and his mother in that house. You do know, right?
Maffy: no wat?
FoxVenom: I know that you know.
Maffy: oh really ;)
Maffy: how curious
Maffy: looks like we r both guilty of falling for those big eyes
FoxVenom: …..
FoxVenom: Shocking.
FoxVenom: You tell me this now when I'm arguing about the house being a dangerous place for kids?!
FoxVenom: Anyway, either you were out getting high with your friends or you were sitting in the room next door playing a blind eye to it all. Or worse.
FoxVenom: Whatever, you made a mistake.

Maffy: u weren’t here and u have no idea what it was like
FoxVenom: Right but I was there once and I lived through the worst of your shit. I know you. I am the one good thing you ever gave the world.
Maffy: LOL
FoxVenom: I’m sure you’re not.
Maffy: wat?
FoxVenom: Actually laughing.
Maffy: wtf
FoxVenom: Don’t use that wanky term.
Maffy: Lololololol
FoxVenom: If I didn’t know you I’d think I was talking to a kid.
Maffy: Charlie isn’t going anywhere and if u try anything again I will make ur life hell
FoxVenom: How?!
FoxVenom: I really am laughing. Just so you know.

Maffy: oh I don’t know...
Maffy: Dean, Brandon, Luison, Trent, Muffin...and all your beloved employees. so many to pick from
Maffy: poor little creatures
FoxVenom: Understand that would be your last move.
FoxVenom: If Charlie doesn’t want to come then I won’t make him, we’ve already established that without you.

Maffy: Then why are we talking?
FoxVenom: I wanted to explain myself.
FoxVenom: Also I’d like to know what happened to Lillian.
FoxVenom: And where are CJ and the other men?

Maffy: Lillian had her pretty little skull smashed in by some men
FoxVenom: ………...and you kept that to yourself!?
Maffy: CJ, Baz and the boys have gone to sort it out.
FoxVenom: When was that?
Maffy: oh i don't remember
FoxVenom: WHEN?
Maffy: two years ago maybe
FoxVenom: You have some serious problems.
FoxVenom: Fuck. I’m going to have to come back to the city.

Maffy: Why? I don’t need u here
FoxVenom: REALLY?! I need to fix that house, Dawn.
FoxVenom: You needing me or not means jack.

Maffy: it’s my house
FoxVenom: Then get up. Look around.
FoxVenom: I can’t believe this.
FoxVenom: What about the old lady? Mids and Fergie?

Maffy: The old lady is still going and those two fools left a few months ago.
FoxVenom: For where?
Maffy: To find their darlings, how the fuck should I know?
FoxVenom: Rufus set you up there to protect the family.
Maffy: yeah well
Maffy: sometimes things don't go to plan
FoxVenom: You don't say.
FoxVenom: What have you got planned for Alessa?

Maffy: She can do what she wants. why?
FoxVenom: Her brother wants her here.
Maffy: if she isn't trying to steal my children then i have no issues with her.
FoxVenom: All of that shit she did FOR ME.
FoxVenom: She had no choice.

Maffy: whateva
Maffy: and how are u progressing on your quest?
Maffy: never saw you as the adventurous type
FoxVenom: I'm not.
Maffy: the things we do for love
FoxVenom: we? right.
Maffy: let me remind you this life here is new to me
FoxVenom: What did you do for love?
FoxVenom: apart from kill and gut your partner?

Maffy: fuck u
Maffy: u know why i did that
Maffy: and i've already lived
FoxVenom: I'm well aware, it shows in the crazy shit you do and that cracked up smile.
Maffy: U know nothing of the life i had before i came to the city
FoxVenom: Do us all a favour and get some fucking sleep already.
Maffy: dont be a knob when u want something from me
FoxVenom: What do I want?
Maffy: Alessa's life
Maffy: her brother will be disappointed with you
Maffy: and remember all your friends, Marcusssss ;)
- Maffy is now offline -
FoxVenom: @"Ml3 jte/gjarndfgk;'